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My Brand New Progressive House Song “Shelter Me” Featuring Vocals From Dani King Is Out Now

B-Wright | February 22, 2020 New MusicNewsProgressive House

Hey everyone! I just recently released my brand new progressive house track featuring vocals from Dani King. This is a fierce song that’ll get everyone up and moving. A track that’ll truly get the dance floor rumbling.

B-Wright recently joined forces with vocalist Dani King, in order to release an amazing track titled “Shelter Me.” The song begins with a really beautiful piano chord progression, which has some deep chords and some epic textures in the background. The song has a steady pulse of the kick drum, with a killer drum beat and some exciting pumping on the synth parts, adding more depth and groove to the rhythm of this track. The vocals are a perfect match with the song’s detailed production and distinctive style.

B-Wright and Dani King really managed to create fantastic chemistry with this one, making for a one-of-kind track that knows no boundaries in terms of creative freedom. This is a simple, yet effective song that will immediately prompt people to hit the dance floor!

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