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My Newest Song ‘Fire Punch’ is a Banger! And It’s Out Now

B-Wright | August 21, 2020 Big Room HouseNew MusicNews

Hey everyone. My newest big room house track ‘Fire Punch’ is out now. And guess what?! It’s a club banger. Get ready to dance all night to this one.

The new single, ‘Fire Punch’ by B-Wright, is a big room house masterpiece. Commencing with various layers of panned instrumentation, a steady beat carries the gradual musical crescendo until the second wave of the build kicks in. The layered synths, powerful bass and intensifying beat build right up before the first major drop happens.

The strong vocal line: “Fire punch”, acts as a statement of instigation; the proceeding instrumentation fills in the anticipatory gap with a full composition of layered elements that create a hypnotic and unique sound. The prominent synth riff is synchronistically melodic as well as being incredibly memorable when layered with the additional instrumentation.

Stylistic effects and moments that exhibit B-Wright’s creative flare make this a track that fans of Dance, House and EDM will definitely want to check out. As a result, B-Wright once again doesn’t disappoint.

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