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My Hot New Future Rave Track “Bad Guys Win” Is Out Now!

B-Wright | September 24, 2021 Future RaveNew MusicNews

My hot new Future Rave track “Bad Guys Win” is out now! Building on the new Future Rave genre, I too decided to jump in on the Future Rave craze. The sounds and the vibes that future rave gives off is simply amazing. I can’t really explain it, it’s just a feeling.

B-Wright’s most recent release “Bad Guys Win” stands out as a really cool addition to B-Wright’s vision and style as a musician. Ultimately, it’s delightful to hear so much focus on great sounds and so much attention to detail. Furthermore, B-Wright did an excellent job at setting the bar higher, going for a unique blend of influences and aesthetics. From the natural punch of modern EDM to the impact of Future Rave, anything goes here.

The track immediately kicks off with a fast-paced, energetic beat that sets the bar higher and adds so much depth and detail to the sound. The female vocal parts are lush and present. Therefore, the vocal parts perfectly lock in with the synth arpeggios that create a mesmerizing wall of sound in this production. The synth parts in particular are really spot-on, and they give the song a charming retro twist that makes it all feel a bit more organic and easy to relate to. The track acquires more and more depth, and towards the end, there is room for an even more intense and energetic sound, as the synths get so deep and present they almost morph into white noise for one of the breaks before to final segment of the song.

All in all, this is an amazingly produced track with a groove-driven flow, and a mood that’s perfect for the club! Equally important, the song combines catchy lyrics with atmospheric sounds and a focus arrangement. Everything in the mix is balanced and creative, and B-Wright knows when to use his production skills to ramp up the dynamic intensity of this song. Lastly, there is something truly special about how this production unfolds, going for a modern, vibrant twist. In conclusion, this is definitely recommended if you are a fan of artists electronic music that pushes hard on the melodies, without necessarily making a compromise in terms of energy.

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