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New “Healthy” Dance-Pop Remix is Available Now!

B-Wright | November 12, 2021 Dance-PopNew MusicNews

My brand new remix of “Healthy” by Caroline is officially out! It’s a Dance-Pop B-Wright remix that I created and it’s my first of the genre. This one really came out great. And the song resonates with me and with most people when it talks about being in an unhealthy relationship. I mean, who hasn’t been in one.

This new release features a lush and vibrant sound, with diverse influences and a fantastic instrumental that perfectly matches the mood of the vocals. Falling somewhere between the catchy hooks of pop and the energy of modern EDM music, “Healthy” is certainly going to lift up your spirit with a stunning and immersive listening experience. B-Wright actually did a fantastic job with this remix. Staying true to the original soul of the song, while on the other, bringing something quite special to the track. Thus allowing the backbone of the rhythm to hit in a whole different way and bringing a breath of fresh air to this arrangement. B-Wright really captures the essence of the melody, and his remix gives the song a different dimension. Ultimately making for a truly immersive and engaging soundscape overall.

This remix serves as a fantastic introduction to Caroline’s music. This remix comes highly recommended to any fan of artists such as Marshmello, Halsey, and Alesso to name a few. The remix kicks off with filtered arpeggios and some lush piano notes, perfectly matching the nostalgic vibe of the vocals. The beat initially might remind you of trap music, but it soon delves into a more modern EDM vibe. This is due to the massive bass and the way the 808s connect perfectly with the synth parts, without ever overpowering the vocals. Balance is key, and this production is nothing short of spectacular. This remix adds value to the original vocal melodies, giving the audience a fantastic sense of how the rhythm and the melody can work so well together, even when exploring a different direction.

At the end of the day, this “Healthy” remix feels like a great combination of a wide range of creative influences and a visionary approach to music production and composition, highlighting the artist’s unique talent and personality when it comes to great soundscapes. B-Wright is definitely up to something special, and we can’t wait to hear what’s next from this artist.

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