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Have a question to ask us or would like to just say hi? Please feel free contact us using the form below. If you’re looking to send us demo submissions, please send all demos to my label Starcut Music HERE. If you’re looking for freelance work, please go to our Join The Team page. Thank you.


We will try to respond to your message as soon as possible. Please do not try sending multiple messages if we have not responded back because we will think and receive the messages as spam. Please keep in mind that we receive lots of messages on a daily basis. We majority respond to messages Monday through Friday. During holiday seasons, the Starcut Music team does like to take some time from work so please expect some delays during those times. We do value your input as well as your support and we just want to say thank you.

Need to get in contact with music label Starcut Music? Check out the label site HERE.

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