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Healthy (B-Wright Remix)

B-Wright | November 12, 2021

Caroline This new release features a lush and vibrant sound, with diverse influences and a fantastic instrumental that perfectly matches the mood of the vocals. Falling somewhere between the catchy hooks of pop and the energy of modern EDM music, “Healthy” is certainly going to lift up your spirit with […]

Bad Guys Win

B-Wright | September 24, 2021

B-Wright B-Wright’s most recent release “Bad Guys Win” stands out as a really cool addition to B-Wright’s vision and style as a musician. Ultimately, it’s delightful to hear so much focus on great sounds and so much attention to detail. Furthermore, B-Wright set the bar higher, going for a unique […]



B-Wright | May 14, 2021

B-Wright Thunderously thumping rhythms, spellbinding soundscapes and an electrifying energy that just keeps giving; welcome to the exhilarating new world of B-Wright in his latest smash single ‘Shockwave’. Breaking boundaries in big room, ‘Shockwave’ is a party soundtrack brimming with boundless build-ups and death-defying drops. Furthermore, this timeless track comes […]

The Way I Did

B-Wright | February 19, 2021

B-Wright Emerging artist B-Wright returns to deliver his latest joint, ‘The Way I Did.’ The electronic/future bass track contains every element to get listeners grooving and uplifted for instance. Furthermore, ‘The Way I Did’ takes the listener on a musical journey where B-Wright showcases his artistic versatility infusing a nostalgic […]